COVID and Coitus: Novel Times and Novelties as a Pandemic Fans an Already Flaming Epidemic


  • Matthew Crow Student
  • Mackenzie Hartman
  • Josh Mayo
  • Natasha Bray


We know that this coronavirus pandemic has caused massive changes in our social dynamic.  Largely this has been through limiting social interactions to those with whom we live.  These changes have affected our sexual culture at a time when STD rates are already soaring.  During this worldwide quarantine there have been increased usage of pornography and increased sales of adult toys.  New technologies have allowed distanced individuals to link up sexually with teledildonics and dating apps.  It’s unclear the long term effects these new technologies will have on sexual culture, but history suggests that a rise in STDs following this pandemic is probable.  Advancements such as teledildonics may curb this rise but likely only in wealthier demographics.  To prevent a rapid spike in sexual health concerns--STDs, unplanned pregnancies, etc-- public guidelines must educate the public on safe sexual practices. 






Public Health