Editorial Board

Jim Hess., Ed.D.

Chair and Director, School of Health Care Administration
1111 West 17th Street Tulsa, OK 74107-1898
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Phone: 918-561-8215
Email: Jim.hess@okstate.edu

Mousumi Som., D.O.

Vice-Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine and Chief of Staff of OSU Medical Center
1111 W 17th. St. Tulsa, OK 74107
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Phone: 918-587-2561
Email: Mousumi.som@okstate.edu


Section Editors:

Biomedical Sciences:

Randall L. Davis., Ph.D.

Director, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program
Biomedical Sciences
1111 W 17th. St. Tulsa, OK 74107
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Phone: 918-561-8408
Email: Randall.davis@okstate.edu


James Herrington, D.O.,

Department of Emergency Medicine Faculty Research Director & Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
1111 W 17th. St. Tulsa, OK 74107
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Email: jmherri@okstate.edu

Anil Kaul., M.D., DDS., MPH

Clinical Professor and Director of the Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory
1111 W 17th. St. Tulsa, OK 74107
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Email: anil.kaul@okstate.edu

Will Woods., D.O.

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine
1111 W 17th. St. Tulsa, OK 74107
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Email: will.woods@okstate.edu

Health Care Administration:

Bavette Miller., Ph.D.

Program Director
Health Care Administration
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
1111 W 17th. St. Tulsa, OK 74107
Email: bavette.miller@okstate.edu


Kelly Murray., Pharm.D

OSU Medical Center Emergency Department
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
1111 W 17th. St. Tulsa, OK 74107
Phone: 918-599-4675
Email: Kelly.murray@okstate.edu

Medical Education:

Jana Baker., D.O

Office of Academic Success
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
1111 W 17th. St. Tulsa, OK 74107
Phone: 918-525-6349
Email: jana.baker@okstate.edu

Nicole Farrar, D.O.,

Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
1111 W 17th. St. Tulsa, OK 74107
Phone: 918-850-2907
Email: nicole.farrar@okstate.edu

David Juergens.

Coordinator of Educational Development
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
1111 W 17th. St. Tulsa, OK 74107
Phone: 918-671-4608
Email: David.juergens@okstate.edu

Public Health:

Julie Croff, Ph.D., MPH

Executive Director-Population and Clinical Research
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
1111 W 17th. St. Tulsa, OK 74107
Phone: 918-561-1569
Email: julie.croff@okstate.edu

Cynthia Lamon, Ed.D.

Director, Public Health Program

Interim Program Coordinator, MPH Program

OSU Graduate College

Email: cynthia.lamon@okstate.edu

Wenjie Sun; M.D.,

Clinical Associate Professor 

Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
1111 W 17th. St. Tulsa, OK 74107

Email: wenjie.sun@okstate.edu


John Frucci., 

Director of The Center for Fire & Explosives, Forensic Investigations, Training & Research. CENFEX

MSFS AEFTI, Arson, Explosives, Firearms & Tool Marks, Program Director

Institute for Global Explosive Hazard Mitigation

Oklahoma State University

1111 West 17th Street

Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74107-1898

Email: john.frucci@okstate.edu

Matthew Green.,

Arson, Explosives, Firearms and Toolmarks Investigation

 Email: Matthew.k.green@okstate.edu

Athletic Training:

Jennifer Volberding., Ph.D.

Chair Associate Professor/Program Director
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
1111 W 17th. St. Tulsa, OK 74107
Phone: 918-561-8255
Email: Jennifer.volberding@okstate.edu



Name                                                                               Field

Marshan Oliver-Marick                                           Public Health

Marshan Marick                                                         Public Health

Eric Harp                                                                     Public Health

 Julie Croff                                                                   Public Health

Alicia Ito Ford                                                             Public Health

Cindie Lamon                                                             Public Health

 Narayana, Nandini                                                 Public Health

 Nicole Farrar                                                              Medical Education

David Juergens                                                           Medical Education

Anastasia Fisher                                                      Medical Education

Eric Harp                                                                    Medical Education

Nicole Farrar                                                             Medical Education

David Juergens                                                          Medical Education

Susan Steele                                                               Medical Education

Laurie Clark                                                              Medical Education

Jana Baker                                                                Medical Education

Kelley Rhoads                                                           Medical Education

Jacob Mahaffey                                                          Medical Education


James Herrington                                                      Medical

Will Woods                                                                 Medical

Febin John                                                                 Medical

Aaron Fieker                                                             Medical

Andrew Crawford                                                    Medical

Vasudevan Raghuraman                                         Medical

Alessandra Gearhart                                                Medical

Hal Robbins                                                               Medical

steffen carey                                                               Medical

Chad Hanson                                                             Medical

William Simpson                                                       Medical

Adam Bradley                                                           Medical

Arash Karnama                                                        Medical

Robin Dyer                                                                Medical

Daniel Wildes                                                            Medical

John Grider                                                               Medical

Jaclyn Jones                                                              Medical

Randall Reust                                                            Medical

Maria Elaine Ramos                                                 Medical

Justin Bryant                                                             Medical

Stephen Back                                                             Medical

Brad White                                                                Medical

Tom Hamilton                                                           Medical

John Evans                                                                 Medical

Natasha Bray                                                             Medical

Drew Grawford                                                         Medical

Aaron Fieker                                                               Medical

Febin John                                                                  Medical

Vasudevan Raghuraman                                           Medical

Erin Showalter                                                           Medical

Fugate, Colony Sien                                                   Medical

Ford, Alicia Ito                                                            Medical

Gearhart, Alessandra                                               Medical

Angela Christy                                                           Medical

Sarah  S Bradley                                                         Medical 

Sarah Hall                                                                  Biomedical &Medical

Lora Cotton                                                               Biomedical &Medical

Kathy Cook                                                               Biomedica &Medical

sharolyn cook                                                            Biomedical & Medical

Paul Rock                                                                  Medical &Biomedical

Justin Chronister                                                      Medical& Biomedical

Stacy Chronister                                                       Medical & Biomedical

Aaron Lane                                                               Medical & Biomedical

William Po                                                                 Medical & Biomedical

Shawna Duncan                                                        Medical & Biomedical

 Brian Diener                                                             Medical & Biomedical

Aaron Pierce                                                              Medical & Biomedical

Mousumi Som                                                           Medical & Biomedical

Anil Kaul                                                                   Medical & Biomedical



Randall Davis                                                            Biomedical

Jason Beaman                                                           Biomedical

Leandra Figueroa-Hall                                             Biomedical

Rashmi Kaul                                                              Biomedical

Colony Fugate                                                           Biomedical

Earl Blewett                                                               Biomedical

Bob Lewis                                                                  Biomedical

Craig  Stevens                                                           Biomedical

David Wallace                                                           Biomedical

Randy Wymore                                                         Biomedical

Gerwald Koehler                                                      Biomedical

Frank Champlin                                                       Biomedical

Dolores Vazquez Sanroman                                    Biomedical

Nedra Wilson                                                             Biomedical                                                          

Ratnakar Deole                                                         Biomedical

George Huang                                                           Biomedical

Jacob Manjarrez                                                       Biomedical

Hugo Arias                                                                 Biomedical

Simmons, w. Kyle                                                     Biomedical

Joshua Muia                                                              Biomedical

Ilias Marmouzi                                                          Biomedical




Tom Gersbeck                                                           Forensics

Vivian Stevens                                                           Forensics

James Hess                             Forensics & Health Care Administration & Medical Education

Jarrad Wegner                                                           Forensics

John Frucci                                                                Forensics

Ron Thrasher                                                              Forensics

Mattew Green                                                           Forensics

 Ashley Keener                                                          Forensics

Kristen Schellhase                                                    Athletic

Jennifer Volberding                                                  Athletic

Warren, Aric                                                               Athletic

Ryan Thiele                                                                 Athletic

Vivian Stevens                                                           Athletic

 Kelly Murray                                                            Pharmacotherapy

Alicia Ito Ford                                                           Pharmacotherapy

Shanna Luber                                                           Pharmacotherapy

April Belanger                                                            Pharmacotherapy

Lauren Calnan                                                            Pharmacotherapy

Brian Stamile                                                              Pharmacotherapy

Melissa Medina                                                          Medical/Pharmacy Education

Jeremy Johnson                                                         Pharmacotherapy/Diabetes

Betsy Poorman                                                          Pharmacotherapy

Jessica Gobin                                                  Pharmacotherapy – new last name = Gwartney

Martina Jelley                                                            Diabetes-Pharmacotherapy

Christina Connel                                                        Pharmacotherapy/ HIV

Elizabeth Adams                                                        Pharmacotherapy/Critical Care

Jeffrey Stroup                                                               Pharmacotherapy

Ann Lloyd                                                                   Pharmacotherapy

Crystal David                                                              Pharmacotherapy

John Bury                                                                   Pharmacotherapy


Bavette Miller                                                            Health Care Administration

Zack Varughese                                                        Health Care Administration

 Amanda Benn                                                            HealthCare Administration 

Ashley Keener                                                             HealthCare Administration