Health Disparities of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Marginalized Community: Where Do We Go From Here?


  • Rose Fields


To understand the health disparities of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Marginalized (SGM) Community it is important to first understand the diverse groups of people that make up this category. Various legislation has been passed in the past ten years to provide protections to this growing group of individuals. 

Teaching documentation of sexual histories in medical education, encouraging patients to self-disclose by providing inclusive intake forms and patient education brochures, and using EHR’s to track SOGI information to create actionable insights are steps that can provide for safe spaces at institutions not only for the patients, their visitors and families, but also for the faculty and staff that work there. 

SGM individuals are a vulnerable population with unique health care needs. Understanding the distinct challenges inherent in each subgroup is the first key to understanding how to properly care for and treat them.






Healthcare Administration