A cross-sectional study Patient Satisfaction towards services received in various Out-Patient Departments at one of the tertiary care centers in Nepal.


  • Narendra Timalsina
  • Manish deep Dhakal
  • Bimala Joshi
  • Sujita Senchury


Health care facilities are established to provide satisfactory and quality health services to consumers. Health care facility performance can be best assessed by measuring the level of patient satisfaction. A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out to identify the patient satisfaction index and to suggest measures to improve the efficiency of services. The results suggest that 411 (82.2%) respondents had good satisfaction level regarding the services provided at the OPDs, 73 (14.6%) respondents had an average satisfaction level, and 16 (3.2%) respondents had an excellent satisfaction level regarding the services provided at the OPDs. To be concluded, Knowledge of users’ satisfaction with the service can serve not only as a performance indicator but also to identify areas of improvement to provide better delivery of care and services to the patients.

Key words: Hospital Services, Patient Satisfaction, Out-Patient Departments






Healthcare Administration