Case report of a rare case of Kleine Levin Syndrome in Schizophrenia


  • Robert David Hogg, D.O. Oklahoma State University Medical Center
  • Vamsi Guda, D.O. Oklahoma State University Medical Center
  • Justin Chronister, D.O. Oklahoma State University Medical Center


Hypersomnia, Kleine Levin, catatonia, schizophrenia, sleeping beauty syndrome


Kleine Levine syndrome is classically described with hypersomnia, hyperphagia, psychotic features and disinhibited behavior. The patient in question demonstrated several months of psychosis and then presented with features consistent with KLS to the tertiary care center. Extensive evaluation was undertaken to rule out organic causes of the patient’s condition. With features consistent with KLS, the patient was initiated on Lithium with improvement in clinical condition over a course of 2 weeks. In patients presenting with features of KLS it is important to have a high degree of suspicion and initiate therapy with lithium.


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