Ewing Sarcoma Presenting as a Suprasellar Mass


  • Aaron Bush
  • Yoon Cho
  • Weston Zickgraf
  • Donald von Borstel


A common differential diagnosis within the field of neuroradiology is the potential
etiologies of a suprasellar mass. Unlike in the adult population, there is a limited differential
diagnosis when considering suprasellar masses in children. This differential includes
craniopharyngiomas, germinomas, hypothalamic low grade glioma, hypothalamic hamartoma,
and Langerhans cell histiocytosis. While many of these lesions are benign in nature, some have
malignant potential and determining the proper work-up and evaluation of these lesions is
critical. In this article, we discuss a pediatric patient who presents with symptoms of mass effect
due to a suprasellar mass causing vision loss and headaches. The patient was diagnosed via CT
and MRI in addition to endoscopic evaluation and biopsy by an ENT physician. This case report
focuses on the imaging and differential considerations in these patients, as well as additional
points to consider in the evaluation and management of patients with Ewing Sarcoma.